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the science and art of training

Why TupleSpace? In computer science, a tuple space is a mechanism for implementing shared memory.

What’s The Bright Idea?

The right space

The spaces where we meet matter. They impact on our ability to focus, be creative and to learn with and from others.

The key features of productive shared spaces are largely conceptual Рflexibility, openness, acceptance, playfulness, permission to take risks, stimulation and space for reflection

For more than a decade TupleSpace training practitioners have been successfully creating spaces for shared learning, personal and organisational development. We’ve worked within the hospitality and service sectors, for voluntary organisations, within business and academic contexts.

The bright idea about TupleSpace is that we work closely with you to create a unique and transformative experience, tailor-made to meet the needs of your organisation.

+ a culture of openness and sharing 

TupleSpace facilitators employ a range of innovative tools and techniques to provoke and encourage knowledge sharing, synthesis and growth. Their energy and expertise, coupled with the knowledge, skills and desires of the participants create meaningful experiences where amazing things can happen.

= Transformation

TupleSpace-facilitated events are great catalysers, perfect for:

    • building new working relationships
    • planning programmes of work
    • creating products or services
    • preparing for new challenges
    • learning new skills
    • exploring how the future could be different.

Thinking creatively. Working collaboratively. Taking risks so that new possibilities can emerge.